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Differential Voice

The Differential Voice is not another leadership model; there are plenty of them available already. Instead, the Differential Voice is a meta-model; a framework for encompassing and connecting leadership models.

Heartfelt Voice

Heartfelt Voice

A leader’s capability to create an inner circle of trusted allies. To create an environment where people feel safe; an environment where it is OK to say what you think, to discuss difficult issues and stand for each other’s success; where there are deep relationships and shared purpose.

Command Voice

Command Voice

A leader’s capability to get things done. To deliver reliably. To ask for things once and get the required outcome. To speak and get action. To get people’s commitment to delivery. To turn ambiguity into action. To plan and to deliver to plan.

Prosocial Voice

Prosocial Voice

A leader’s capability to create a positive social environment and sense of community behind the business objectives. An environment where formal and informal communication channels transmit positive messages; where successes are celebrated and shared; where teams interact positively with other teams.



A leader’s capability to create the case for change that causes a community to take coordinated action in service of big goals.

Primeval Shadow

The unconscious fears associated with the most basic functioning of our brains which emerge when we feel under threat.


Our tendency we carry from our early evolution to associate with our ‘tribe’. The urge to ‘fit in, or to dominate becomes counter-productive to our leadership.

Tribal Shadow

Shadow Gossip

The insecurities that we carry around our social standing which results in negative judgements of ourselves and of others. This derails our intentions as leaders.



Named by the French scientist and philosopher Laplace, the Daemon represents our unconscious drive to interpret the world to cause and effect. This trait causes us to fail when the situation becomes highly complex.

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